On September 15, 2017 the NBA live game got released. Tomorrow on September 19, 2017 there is a release of the NBA 2k18 game worldwide. On August the 11th we were able to play the free demo and already have an glimpse of how the real game got to look like. We have listed all the improvements you can find in the game and all the new elements in the game.

Improvements you can find in the new NBA edition

Next to the new elements you can find in the game, you can find some great improvements. As we like to say, these improvements each year will eventually make a flawless and perfect diamond. A game which looks just like the “real thing”. The most important improvements this year are the improvements in the graphics. Little things like how light reacts to the teeth and the eyes of the player makes the game looks much more realistic. The uniforms and other gear are also updated this year to make them look more realistic.

New elements in the NBA 18 game

There are also a few new elements in the NBA 18 game. Next to the important graphic improvements. You are able to personalize your athlete, choose your role and start your NBA legacy. You can choose to play on the streets or in the league. The respect you earn in one of these areas will also count in the other area. You can personalize your player, think about details such as hairstyles, tattoos and the kicks you are wearing, how much fun is that!

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