In NBA 2K18 you can get Virtual Currency. Fans, most of the times, call it VC. This is one of the most wanted currency in the game, but also the most criticized. Fans agree that MyCareer and MyPlayer lack the right rewards for playing. Some players are willing to spend a lot of real money to improve their player. If you do not want to spend hundreds of euro’s or dollars, below are some tips for MyPlayer and how to pay it without buying VC.

The tips you need

  • Start a MyLeague game. For this method you do not have to go that ‘deep’ with your team or with customizing the roster. You just have to pick a team and press the start button. Try to do this as fast as possible. Some players are used to fiddle around with the rosters first, but try to not do that for once.
  • Play on Superstar or Hall of fame with 10 minute for each quarter. You will gain more rewards if you do this.
  • Look at the schedule the game has made for you and play the first game you see. It does not matter if you win or lose, although winning gives more rewards most of the times. You will get approximately 890 VC, just for playing the match.
  • Play a Play-Now match with the settings you have set for your first scheduled game. You will get another 850 VC. It does not matter if you win or lose the game.
  • After this game, head to The Neighbourhood section of the game and shoot for 10 to 15 minutes. You can perform anything you want and try out a few new tricks if you’d like too. We earn up to 200 VC with that.

Voila, you have made over 200VC in 2 hours or so. If you try to do it once a day for a few weeks, you can update and upgrade everything you want. It can be a grind.. but you will gain VC and improve you game too! Good luck.

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