E-sports are huge at the moment. The prices are incredibly high and a lot of players are competing for it. Hearthstone, League of Legends and other games are popular for E-sports. FIFA 18 is even played by players that are hired by real clubs like FC Barcelona, Ajax and Manchester United. NBA wants a piece of this pie too, so they have created their own E-sports league.


The National Basketball Association (NBA) announced plans to partner with publisher Take-Two Interactive for an official NBA 2K e-sports league. They want to make it just like the real-life sport with seasons, playoff brackets and finals. They are expecting to make teams with 5 players that play their own NBA 2K characters.

Seasons in E-sports NBA

In total the teams that consist of 5 players will compete for 5 months. It is expected that in 2018 the first NBA E-sports will come to life. Silver, the NBA commissioner, said that he even expects there will be a draft. Unfortunately not all the NBA teams have given their “YES” to this plan, but Silver expects that 50% or more of the teams will compete in the first year.

How to join?

Train, play well and get to the top of the leader board. Try to get noticed by 2K and NBA. They will eventually look at the best players in the game. Try to become a pro in one of the available positions in the game. We guess that defense will be the less popular in the game, so maybe if you train hard to become a defensive pro player, you will have your shot.

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