We get asked a lot if we know where to buy cheap NBA 2K18 coins. Some people are frightened they will be banned for it or that they lose their money. In this article we will provide you with useful tips and tell you what coin-sellers are the most reliable for you 2K18 coins. We never got a ban by using one of them. The only time 2K gave us a ban is when we used a shady vendor that used weird method to give us our 2K18 coins.

Use MMOGA or Aoeah

In the past we have bought NBA 2K coins from multiple vendors. Most of the times there was something going wrong. We got banned once by a shady vendor, got no coins while we paid everything or paid way too much money. If you want to play it safe and do not want to pay too much, you should take a look at MMOGA or Aoeah. They are both reliable sellers, have an excellent customer support and when everything goes wrong they offer a 100% refund policy.

Trust is everything

For some methods you will have to trust the seller with your account details. Always make sure that your account is backed up and you use a new password, not your normal password. Once the comfort trade is over and you got your coins, change the password back to normal. You know hopefully understand that it is crucial to buy only at trusted and reliable vendors. After you got the coins, you can enjoy your wealth and get the best team to compete with the pro’s in NBA2k! Good luck getting those lovely cheap NBA 2K18 coins with no risk attached!

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